Don't Break the Bank on Your Next Shopping Trip

Snag low-cost household goods at our store in Sedalia, MO

Are you tired of overpaying for your household items? Then it's time to start shopping at MidwestFair in Sedalia, MO. We offer all kinds of low-cost household goods sourced from companies like Amazon.

Most of our items are priced at $5 or less, with many dipping as low as 50 cents. Plus, we bring in new products each week, so you never know what new deals you might find.

Ready to take advantage of our bargain prices? Call us at 660-951-8010 to ask about the new items we have in stock.

Plan your next shopping spree

We spread our bargain prices throughout the week, with different days having special discounts. In general, you'll find that most items are:

  • Closed on Sunday
  • $4 on Mondays
  • $3 on Tuesdays
  • $2 on Wednesdays
  • $1 on Thursday
  • $.50 on Fridays
  • $5 on Saturdays
Please note that pricing may vary depending on the product. Visit our store to get low-cost household goods for your family.